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Are You Ready to end 2021 strong?

What if I told you that there was an Aligned Business Resource Community available to you where EVERY SINGLE MONTH, you could access:

✔️  2 in-person Live Teachings

✔️ Expert Masterclasses

✔️ Full Moon Ceremony

✔️Actionable Business Success Resource

✔️ Weekly Accountability

✔️Gorgeous community of like minded ambitious women

✔️Access to the members vault




✔️ My Monthly Aligned Performance Business Subscription Box


Not to mention, the highest vibe, caring, badass community to keep you accountable and motivated on your business journey 

Would you want in? 



So, what's inside the Aligned Performance Business Box?

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On a monthly basis you get delivered to your front door a box FULL of business, wellbeing and self care goodies to support and nourish you throughout the month. 


And don't forget, you can pop all of this through as a business expense. It's time to  invest in wrap around support, nourishment and stimulation and care for you and your business.

Every month you will get :


🎁 Between 4-8 products per month which centre around my strategic 3 business pillars, affectionately known as 'The 3 P's.'


Getting that abundance and self worth where it needs to be so your money mindset can level up! 


Working on that powerful growth mindset of yours so you can leverage your strengths and thrive consistently.


Supporting you to take consistent action in your business so you progress and succeed with direction

Your box contents will include:

🎁 My 3 p’s journals - You'll receive 1 of my  3 A5 Journals to use each month to help you with your manifesting, your task lists and your mindset journalling. 


🎁 Business resource - These will vary, it may be a business paperback or a productivity tool.


🎁 State managing products - these are anything that make you FEEL differently on the daily. Think organic aromatherapy products like room sprays, soy candles, essential oil rollerballs or natural brain activating and body calming products like Palo Santo sticks, incense, and sage.


🎁 Self-care - items like delicious teas, sumptuous organic quality bath products or beauty treats to help you switch off and sharpen the sword.


🎁 Daily routine support products – including a Monthly A6 Affirmations card and between 1-3 self-care prompts from Andrea’s self-care deck.

👋🏼 Say Goodbye to Stress, Confusion, Overwhelm & Winging it Alone!


My Aligned Performance Business GOLD membership will give you all the tools to:


⚡️ Be accountable and commit to your business so you can progress quicker, generate more income and save time.

⚡️ Get clear on your goals, gaps and greatness so you can implement tried and tested business strategies that work

⚡️ Discover how the experts 'do it'. A huge resource of how to get more visible, create connections, market, sell and deliver your business

⚡️ Gain Excitement, Confidence and Belief Around What Is Possible For YOU



Who’s behind Aligned Performance Business?


I'm so glad you asked! I’m Andrea Callanan, and I’ve been one of the world’s leading voice, mindset and success coaches for the last two decades. 

My speciality? Helping high-flying female entrepreneurs transform their self-worth, find their voice and level up their business knowledge and skill so they can thrive in their businesses.  

Here’s the thing . . . As a musician-turned-entrepreneur, I have worn the T-Shirts (multiple), made the mistakes, got stuck and unstuck more times than I can even count. I've been in business for 20 years, with over a decade as a business mentor. I've also been a leadership consultant in large brands and mindset coach for around 15 years,  and I'm willing to share just what changed it all for me......with you! 


Since starting my career in the music industry 26 years ago,

I’ve ...

  • Been featured in the international press alongside influencers such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez 
  • Shared the stage with the likes of Simon Sinek, Sara Blakely, and Niyc Pidgeon, among others 
  • Founded the award-winning corporate engagement company Inspire Me 
  • Been named as a top 25 inspirational Welsh woman 
  • Won small business Guardian Leader of the year 
  • Snagged a spot as a Great British Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and an Insider Magazine Rising Star. 
  • And been recognised as one of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council members. 

I’m also the co-author of the number one international Business Best Seller “You Are Meant For More”, and the soon to publish my new book in 2021!


And while the accolades certainly jazz up my world, my FAVOURITE successes are the thousands of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with . . . who’ve benefited both financially and emotionally from honing the power of their authentic voice, creating their aligned businesses and stepping into the business and life they want........

The best part: I have absolute confidence in you to do the same.

If YOU want to have my month on month support which will help you progress in your business much faster than if you go it alone. If you want to make more money with ease and learn from some of the best along the way with access to great monthly business success kits which will help you work ON your business not just in it....AND you want to do this in a community of likeminded high achieving women where you'll motivate each other with added accountability thrown in?  You know all you have to do is click the button below. 

I want you to succeed. I want this to be accessible to EVERY WOMAN who wants to progress in their business with a global coach who they wouldn't usually have available to them!

With this in mind, I've priced this investment at a totally affordable price - for around the same as a posh cup of coffee a day in fact,  so there's every reason for you to invest in yourself and your business. 

Aligned Performance Business Gold Membership


Billed Monthly


Aligned Performance Business Collective


Billed Monthly


Aligned Performance Business Box


Billed Monthly


Got Questions? We got answers - here are some FAQ's for you!

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