Do You Feel Stuck In Your Life & Career?

Do You Want To Flip Your Mindset, Lose Your Anxiety And Propel Yourself Forward?

How Do You Really Feel In Your Life & Business?

  • Do You Feel Like An Imposter?
  • Do You Suffer From Overwhelm? 
  • Do You Want More Aligned Clients?
  • Do You Lack Self Confidence?
  • Are You Plagued By Comparisonitis?
  • Are You Exhausted?
  • Do You Struggle To Fit It All In? House, Work, Kids, You, Relationships? 
  • Have You Levelled Up Your Skills But STILL Feel Like You're Not Good Enough?
  • Do You Feel Guilty About Working Too Much For Not Enough Reward?
  • Do You Charge Too Little?
  • Would You Like to At LEAST Double (If Not Triple Or EVEN Quadruple) Your Income Between February & May 2020?
  • Do You Want To Start 2020 STRONG?
  • Do You Feel That Enough Is Enough?
  • Do You Want To Own Your Self Worth, Have More Boundaries and Feel More In Control, Less Stressed and Happier?

If you've answered YES to any of the above......then it's time! 

It's Time To Unapologetically Claim Your Life and Business!

So What's The Skinny?

The Self Mastery Accelerator was created by Andrea Callanan for women just like YOU. Having taught mindset and self worth for over 2 decades, Andrea realised that no matter how skilled up you are or how accomplished you are, if you haven't got your unapologetic empowered self on.......meaning, you haven't got the right mindset and behavioural foundation foundation, you're going to keep self sabotaging, not earning enough, struggling to understand why and working your fingers to the bone for little return. And the reason she knows this, is because that's where she was too!  
If you resonate with this - and I KNOW loads of you do........There is a NEW Self Mastery cohort starting week commencing 5th October 2020. 
But please take note - due to the nature of this work, the course has STRICT numbers. So if you already know you want in please click the button below and fill out your details so Andrea can speak with you and see if you're a good fit for the course.
Take NOTE - This is ONLY for you if:
* You are an action taker
* You are FED UP of pushing yourself all the time 
* You're a high achieving female - like me, most of you will be from a corporate background and wondering WHY when you were SO high achieving you can't seem to 'win' at your own business.
* You want to GO DEEP and sort your shit out once and for all! 
* You KNOW you're meant for more and want support in achieving it.
This is NOT for you if:
* You have a fixed mindset and you've made up your mind that this is your lot! (what ever that might be)
* You're not prepared to put the work in
* You're not prepared to get vulnerable and lose the damn ego
* You don't want a tribe of women who totally get it and will support you along the way
* You don't want to invest the small amount of money it will take for your 90 day course to change your life and business forever.
The results Andrea has observed from participants on this course have been nothing short of amazing! There has been serious transformation for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in the process. 
I want you to hear from the women who have experienced this revolutionary course.......More Social Proof from REAL women, just like you! 
This is what Louise had to say:
"I have held myself back in business for over 10 years, Andrea immediately understood what I was doing & helped me discover how to break these cycles. Working with Andrea has been illuminating to say the least, with her help I am smashing down the barriers I placed in my own way & now feel unstoppable! This is priceless, if you have the chance to work with Andrea grab it with both hands the investment will be returned many times over."
You might know someone who is a graduate or participant of Unapologetic Self Mastery, and you ALREADY KNOW you want to nab a place on the October 2020 cohort before they get filled up. If you know this is for you, simply hit the £497 deposit button further down the page to secure your spot. Andrea will still have a call with you before you start the course, but this way you are GUARANTEED a space. 


  • How Your STORY Is Your Primary Tool For Finding Your Business Self-Worth

  • How Flipping Your Mindset Can Change Your Destination

  • How Your Self-Worth Is The Foundation To Your Business (& Life) Success

  • How To Recognise Your Life Pivots And Why They Explain Your MONEY MINDSET 

  • How To Re-Frame Your LIMITING BELIEFS To Step Into Your MORE 

  • How To Identify & STOP APOLOGETIC BEHAVIOURS And Language That Are Holding You Back In Your Personal Happiness And Business Success

Real Words From Self Mastery Course Graduates

"I'm now completely at peace with my past"
"I have so much more clarity now"
"This course and You have changed my life"
"I feel so much more confident, grounded and happier"
"I've finally found the ability to say no!"
"I have new found focus on where I want my business to go"
"The tools you've given us have helped so much"
You have transformed me in so many ways and I don’t think there are words to express my gratitude"
"My relationship with my other half and my children has improved"
"I'm now excited about my business"
"I've quadrupled my income since working with you!'
"I've finally got control on my life long anxiety."
"I found my niche!"

 Why It Works - The 4 Step Process

1) Unpacking how you got to now....why you believe, feel and behave the way you do in your life and career. Why you feel scared of certain things, why you feel like you're failing. What needs changing and what needs keeping. Getting present and starting to become self aware (or mindful!) This takes you through modules 1-3

2) Accepting, healing and appreciating who you are and what you have already created in your life or business. Learning strategies for you to move on and change the way you behave for good. Building up your self worth, respect, self love and self awareness. Discovering more emotional intelligence. This part of the process takes you through modules 4-7
3) Rebuilding, reframing your mindset and changing your behaviour. Levelling up your self perception and confidence, your money mindset, your relationships, your wellbeing and becoming on purpose with your behaviour. Creating an aligned life you want, deserve and desire. This takes you from module 8-11
4) Recognising how far you've come, knowing that you have conquered some of your biggest anxieties and fears. Celebrating how you have gained more control over your life and business and ready to go forward with new Self Mastery tips, tools, techniques and strategies. There is a 45 minute graduation exit call to pave the way for your future success and an opportunity to continue your journey working with Andrea should you wish. This is in module 12
This is all facilitated within a safe community space created by Andrea in your exclusive Private FaceBook Group. Andrea is well known for fostering trust, security, openness and  'love' within her FaceBook course groups. Many women share private thoughts, fears and experiences, both professionally and personally in the group for the first time. This is totally empowering and nourishing. Andrea facilitates the group with her trusted team members and there is a strict chatham house rules policy within the success communities. 

Course Content

Module 1  - Onboarding Week

Getting you ready for the weeks ahead

Module 2  - Get Present

The foundation to self awareness

Module 3  - Your Story 

The work begins  - Andrea's groundbreaking methodology that uncovers why you feel, behave and get the results that you do - the heart of the matter. Then, identify the changes you need for your new found success. 

Module 4 -  Acceptance & Healing

Time to unpack.....accept, reframe and let go! This is where we discover and heal those limiting beliefs that have kept you safe (and small) for so long

Module 5  -  Self Worth

Time to recognise and accept yourself with renewed perspective

Module 6 -  Boundaries   

Building in essential respect and boundaries around time, money and self

Module 7 -  Kick Ass Mindset

Andrea's favourite week! Let's get building that unshakable belief in yourself, your income potential and your behaviours

Module 8 -  Desire

Getting clear on what you want in your life, relationships, finances, career and business - giving yourself permission to ask for it, go and get it, and claim it! 

Module 9 -  Vision

Using your results from Desire week, Creating your vision and strategies on achieving it

Module 10 -  Intention

Understanding and setting powerful intentions to allow yourself to succeed

Module 11 -   Aligned Planning

Getting your 90 day plan in place, top level and finite detail so you have your tailored blueprint for success

Module 12 -  Recognition & Celebration

Raise a glass and celebrate the new YOU! 

Register now

Limited Places Available.


What's The Investment?

This course is priced at £4497.

Are There Payment Plans?

Yes! There are payment options available and depending on how you have connected with me, you may also be eligible for a special price. 
I'm Still Not Sure I Can Afford This Even With The Payment Plan  - But I REALLY Feel I Need The Course?
Let's jump on a call....I want to help you do this course if you feel compelled, and I can help!
When Do I need to Sign up by?
The first week of the course is always the on-boarding week and I take people up until the Wednesday of that week, (in this case the 14th October 2020), however, this course ALWAYS sells out and spaces are strictly limited, so if you know this is something that will move the needle in your business, work or personal life (or all three) you need to bag your space sooner rather than later. 
I'm Super Busy! Can I Fit This In?
In short yes! The long answer is that I won't BS you in saying this course is a walk in the park. It's life changing...and that's because the work we do is disruptive. You will not be the same following this course. So, the choice is yours. Are you going around in circles with stress, anxiety, inertia, lack of confidence, lack of self worth, not charging enough, working too hard, imposter syndrome, self sabotage etc can change all of this - for ever, by taking the course. 
Can You Guarantee Results?
Yes, but only if you promise to dive in deep, take action and DO THE WORK. The course has a huge element of accountability in it and is kept small very intentionally, so I can hold space for you all individually as well as a group. You have to meet me half way though  - it's your life, your business, your career.....if you invest, it's my job to make sure it works for you. 
I Still Need Help Deciding - Can I Speak With you?
Absolutely, 100%. If you feel compelled to take the course just get in touch. All you have to do is click the button to communicate with me. Any questions around whether it's worth it, whether you'll benefit could be answered by any of my graduates who I'm totally happy to put you in touch with. If you have any questions about affordability, also get in touch. This work is way more to me than just another online course. I NEVER coach anyone unless they're aligned with me. You know already if you need this in your life, so make sure you are courageous enough to contact me so we can get rid of any barriers you may have. 
I REALLY Know That I Need This But I Can't Afford It. What Can I Do?
Jump on a call with me - I totally understand and get it. I've been there too! Not so long ago in fact. What I can say is that if you can't afford it, thats because you're either not making enough money or you don't have enough money coming into your business because of not enough clients etc. And..... I suspect that you're most likely getting in your own way. Let's chat. Click the button below to book a call with me and we can explore your options together.
Click Here to Book A Disco Call With Me


But don't know which payment plan to choose. If this describes you - just HIT the button below to pay your £500 deposit to save your space and we can work out the best payment plan for you upon receiving your payment. Your options are to just pay the remaining balance off just before the course starts or you can spread the investment of the course with equal payments over the next 8 months!

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