Let Me Show You How to Master Your Mindset, Business & Voice, So You Can Unapologetically Claim Your Success!

How Do You Really Feel In Your Business?

  • Do You Suffer From Overwhelm? 

  • Do You Want More Aligned Clients?

  • Are You Plagued By Comparisonitis?

  • Do You Want To Start 2020 STRONG?

  • Do You Know You Need Support To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

  • Do You Want to Reach Those All Important £5k-£10k Months?

Hey there....I'm Andrea Callanan, a multiple 6 figure boot-strapped business owner who's worn the "ups and downs of business" T Shirt far too many times over. 


A few short years ago, I drew a line in the sand and said enough! I knew that business had to be easier than I was experiencing. I signed up to a high end 12 month Accelerator with my heart in my mouth and confusion around where my business was going to go. I had never invested anything like that in myself before but I KNEW with conviction that 12 months could change everything and I needed high touch support to help me. 


The result? My second 6 figure business landed. I DOUBLED my income over the past 12 months and stepped into MORE.


I learned to work smarter, levelled up that self worth of mine and introduced more alignment into my life and business. I fell back in love with my lovely corporate company (we are 10 this year!!) and I seriously levelled up both my income AND my life. 


Now I speak and coach women internationally just like you. Passing on everything I've learned over the passed two decades as a Voice, Success Coach and Entrepreneur. I've also just celebrated my Number 1 International Best Selling Book "You Are Meant For More."


But, you know what? I realised that no matter how skilled up you are, how accomplished you are, if you haven't got your unapologetic empowered self on.......you're going to keep self sabotaging, not earning enough, struggling to understand why and working your fingers to the bone for little return. And the reason I know this, is because that's where I was too! 


If you resonate with this - and I KNOW so many of you do........You must apply for the Unapologetic Success Accelerator so you can move the needle in YOUR business and hit the ground running in 2020


But please take note - due to the nature of this work, the course has STRICT numbers. I'm only opening up 7 spaces for this transformational course for the rest of 2019. 

So, if you already know you want in, take ACTION and apply by clicking the button below.


YES - I Need This In My Life - I Want To Speak To Andrea About Applying

Imagine a 12 month mastermind which :

  •  Teaches you how to discover your self worth so you can charge appropriately

  • Shows you how to recognise and work through your limiting beliefs

  • Pulls your business apart and gives you the comprehensive business resources you need to put in order to scale your income to consistent £5k-£10k months

  • Shows you tried and tested systems that bring more ease and efficiency to your business so you can work smarter and grow!

  • Focusses heavily on your alignment and whether your business reflects your fulfilment and happiness.....and then helps you tweak and make changes so you feel totally congruent with what you do to make money

  • Gives you voice coaching and authentic sales and presentation coaching so you can shine bright when talking about your business

  • Combines all three disciplines of Self, Business and Voice Mastery so you can build your business on the right foundation, grow your business with the right systems and talk about your business with confidence


Take NOTE - 

This is ONLY for you if: 

* You are an action taker

* You are FED UP of pushing yourself all the time 

* You're a high achieving female - like me, most of you will be from a corporate background and wondering WHY when you're SUCH a high achiever you can't seem to 'win' at your own business.

* You want to GO DEEP and sort your shit out once and for all! 

* You KNOW you're meant for more and want support in achieving it. 

This is NOT for you if:

* You have a fixed mindset and you've made up your mind that this is your lot! (What ever that might be)

* You're not prepared to put the work in

* You're not prepared to get vulnerable and lose the damn ego

* You don't want a community of women who totally get it and will support you along the way

* You don't want to invest the monthly amount of money it will take for this 12 months course to completely change your life and business forever. (and get your investment back with bells on!)


Please don't apply for your call with me unless you're truly intrigued by my approach and this course and you really want to create change in your life and business. 

The Unapologetic Success Accelerator has limited attendees and I only work with Aligned Action Takers , so please don't apply unless you're SERIOUS about creating success in 2020 with me. 

If on the other hand, you want to CLAIM your space - I would LOVE that and welcome you with open arms. 

This is an investment for you  - and the first step to you Unapologetically transforming your income, your influence and your impact. (Not to mention your happiness and fulfilment right?)  

I have observed powerful changes in my clients lives and businesses.

I've been honoured to witness serious transformation for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN I've worked with over the passed 12 months.   


I want you to hear from the women who have experienced my work.......So, here's what Louise had to say about working with me.   

"I have held myself back in business for over 10 years, Andrea immediately understood what I was doing & helped me discover how to break these cycles. Working with Andrea has been illuminating to say the least, with her help I am smashing down the barriers I placed in my own way & now feel unstoppable! This is priceless, if you have the chance to work with Andrea grab it with both hands the investment will be returned many times over." Louise Curwen, Serial Entrepreneur and Coach 

I've put my 3 disciplines together in one signature accelerator programme so women like YOU can create their consistent £5-10k months with alignment

My Unapologetic Success Accelerator is a comprehensive container of 12 Months, where I'll be in your corner taking you through your business development and success......


> How Flipping Your Mindset Can Change Your Destination


> How Your Story Holds The Keys To Understanding Why You Behave In Your Business The Way You Do And Your Money Mindset

> How To GET ORGANISED With Your Business Systems For Marketing, Sales, Team, Customer Experience & Finance

> How To Shape Your Business Into Your Life, Rather Than The Other Way Around

> How To Leverage YOU To Create The Business & Income YOU WANT

> How To Identify & STOP APOLOGETIC BEHAVIOURS And Language That Are Holding You Back In Your Personal Happiness And Business Success


What Andrea's Clients Say......

Current Unapologetic Mastermind Clients

These are real screenshots from Andrea's Messenger!

And More......

"I have so much more clarity now"
"This course and You have changed my life"
"I have new found focus on where I want my business to go"
"The tools you've given us have helped so much"
You have transformed me in so many ways and I don’t think there are words to express my gratitude"
"I'm now excited about my business"
"I've quadrupled my income since working with you!'
"I've finally got control on my life long anxiety."
"I found my niche!"

 Why It Works - The 3 Disciplines & Course Content

12 Months, 30+ Modules, 12 Guest Masterclasses, 1 Coach

Self Mastery

Get your foundation right! Revolutionise your mindset, your sinking thinking and up level your self worth.

10 Modules that revolutionise your mindset, self awareness, self worth and most importantly your behaviour.

This is the cornerstone to realising what YOU want in your business. How you want your business to serve you and your family and how to give yourself permission to get there.

Using my unique revolutionary Story Work technique....

You will look at your niche differently and completely overhaul your MONEY MINDSET and your PRICING.

You will smash your limiting beliefs and TRANSFORM your confidence.

You will discover your introduction to SELF CARE and PEAK PERFORMANCE so you can move mountains in your business.

You will learn to manifest and CREATE what you want in your life and business, as well as CELEBRATE your achievements.

and then.......apply all of this in your business to create continued success.


Biz Mastery

In this system, you receive the 1- business principles that give you the 'nuts and bolts' of business and some to level up your success. From concept to execution and everything in-between, plus bonus mindset modules! 

You will unpack your business model. Nail your Niche and get clear on your direction.

Overhaul your 

> Sales

> Marketing

> Systems

> Planning

> Team

> Finance 

> Operations in your business.

You will also get out of your own way, scale to between £5-£10k Months and create an aligned business with clients that you LOVE working with.


Voice Mastery

My fail safe system that I've been using for the past 25 years. 3 Packed modules that take you from all aspect of speaking in your business.

You will learn to crush the fear being seen and talking about your business. This includes 

> Overcoming The Fear Of Being Visible

> Authentic Sales Pitches

> Public Speaking

> Social Media Lives

> Selling from the Stage

> How You Use Your Voice and adapting your tone, pace, clarity and more

> Discovering your Inner Voice. 

Don't Take Our Word For It -



What's The Investment?
This course is priced at £14997. If you're lucky enough to be one of Andrea's regular masterclass students or an early-birder during November or December 2099 Andrea is doing a special price. You get the course for £9,997 - a cool, savvy saving of £5000!!

NB: Look out for Andrea's regular public masterclasses as the In Masterclass special bonuses often give an EVEN bigger saving!!!


Are There Payment Plans?
Yes! There are payment options available and depending on how you have connected with me, you may also be eligible for a special price. 
When Do I need to Sign Up By?
Access to this course is available all year on request, however Andrea opens the doors officially twice a year. The doors are now OPEN and will be until November 14th 2019. This means this is the LAST CHANCE to get 2019 prices. So if you want to move the needle in your business you MUST bag your space before November 14th. This will also be the LAST TIME the course is available at this price!
Andrea has opened up 7 spaces only for the rest of 2019. Are you one of them?
I'm Super Busy! Can I Fit This In?
In short yes and also,  can you afford not to? If you've got this far in reading the FAQ's you've already identified that you need support.
The long answer is that I won't BS you in saying this course is a walk in the park. It's life and business changing...and that's because the work we do is disruptive. Don't take Andrea's word for it thought - please watch and read through the testimonials of some of the women just like you who have experienced results with working with her.
You will not be the same following this course. So, the choice is yours. Are you going around in circles with stress, anxiety, inertia, lack of confidence, lack of self worth, not charging enough, working too hard, imposter syndrome, self sabotage, lack of regular income, disconnected form your business, lack of direction, accountability and knowledge?OR....are you going to take action and be the change maker you need to be ......you can change all of this - for ever, by taking the course. 
Can You Guarantee Results?
Yes, but only if you promise to dive in deep, take action and DO THE WORK. The course has a huge element of accountability in it and is kept small very intentionally, so I can hold space for you all individually as well as a group. You have to meet me half way though  - it's your life, your business, your career.....if you invest, it's my job to make sure it works for you. 
I Still Need Help Deciding - Can I Speak With You?
Absolutely, 100%. If you feel compelled to take the course just get in touch. All you have to do is click the button to communicate with me. Any questions around whether it's worth it, whether you'll benefit could be answered by some of the women on the Unapologetic Accelerator who I'm totally happy to put you in touch with. If you have any questions about affordability, also get in touch. This work is way more to me than just another online course. I NEVER coach anyone unless they're aligned with me. You know already if you need this in your life, so make sure you are courageous enough to contact me so we can get rid of any barriers you may have. 

What's Included?

Can We Talk About Money?

 As well as the Course Content mentioned above, in the Unapologetic Success Accelerator you will get:

> 12 Months of Support (Value £15,000)

> 52 Weeks

> 30+ Modules

> 200+ Lessons

> Lifetime Access to Course Materials (Value £1,997)

> Strong 121 Element with Me (Value £40,000)

> Exclusive Tight Knit Success Community (Value £25.000)

> Dynamic World Class Mastermind Guest Coaches               (Value £12,000)

> Strategy Building For Your Business (Value £4997)

> Exclusive Unapologetic Mastermind Immersive Weekend Retreat Experience (Value £3999)

(NB: Accommodation & Travel Not Included)

> Exclusive Weekly Group Mentoring Calls (Value £48,000) 

> 2019 Q4 Price for October Cohort (Value £5,000 off! (as a gift)




= £151,994 


And Guess What...



(For the next 2 weeks only!) 



Full Payment


Pay just £9,997 including VAT to secure your place!


Total: £9,997 inc VAT

Yes Please!

12 Monthly Payments


Pay just 12 equal monthly payments of £850. 


Total: £10,200 inc VAT

Save My Space!

Deposit + 12 Payments


Pay just £4997 Deposit with remaining balance to be paid via 12 monthly payments of £449. 

Total: £10,385 inc VAT

Count Me In!

Still Need Help Deciding? 

Click HERE to Apply For A Call With Andrea To Help You Decide

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