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Unapologetic Voice Mastery Mastermind

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Imagine being at a place in your business where you're fulfilled, relaxed and regularly bringing in money with ease.

Your courses, client work and income streams regularly deliver 10k + months without the stress and without exhausting yourself. 
You have more time, financial and geographical choice - and that means freedom.  


You don't know how to access it. You know it's something to do with marketing.
You're making lots of money but you don't see any of it.
On paper, you're successful. You're making money and have a viable business.
 In reality you don't see any of it and sometimes it feels like you're just creating jobs for people rather than seeing any personal reward.
You waver between frustration and imposter syndrome when watching some people in the public eye who are crushing it.
You see them doing really well. 
Others aspire to be like them - heck, YOU aspire to be like them.
Yet, when they speak, you have a voice in your gut that says - "I could do that. I'm as good as, if not better than her!" 
Only to be squashed by your inner critic who says - "Who wants to listen to what you've got to say anyway!"



You could learn the skills and have a team of experts decipher the code you need to rise up and be seen.....and tailor it specifically to you?
What if, by the Autumn, you could feel and be in a totally different space in your business after implementing your new visibility skills, masterclasses, speaking from the heart, nailing your niche, your purpose, your fear and your new found income! 
Yes, You read right! In just 12 short weeks you could have this transformation in your life and business.
The confidence, knowledge, skillset and empowered personal belief to leap into your next level.
It can happen - and it will if you take action and start leveraging the most powerful marketing machine you have YOU! 

The Unapologetic Voice Mastery Mastermind is for

  • A select group of female entrepreneurs just like you who are itching to move forward and rise in their businesses.
  • You're a high achieving female coach, consultant or online business owner.
  • You are making money - but not enough!
  • It's time to step into your next level
  • And you KNOW that the only way to do this is to get more visible


....but there's a problem...


  • The thought of what you know you need to do to reach your next income bracket scares the life out of you!
  • You're wracked with imposter syndrome.
  • You don't know where to start ( or you DO and you're too scared to step up!)




And here's the thing. Being MORE visible on line and on stage isn't just reserved for those extravert types.
It's a skillset and a mindset you can learn and leverage.
If it's time for you to have, be and make more by leveraging YOU....and you know you're holding yourself back.
My 12 week Voice Mastery Mastermind is for you!



  • Learn how to leverage your story so you can master your message and be magnetic to others
  • Work through your limiting beliefs so you can stand in your self worth, trust yourself and be rid of imposter syndrome
  • Finally crush your fear and speak with confidence in front of an audience
  • Receive 121 voice coaching so you have more control, impact and influence with your voice
  • Discover the secrets of vocal care so you can always show up as your best self in front of others and have the edge over other speakers
  • Craft your keynote speech so there's no excuse for you to shy away from showing up live again
  • Master how to sell when speaking.
  • See how podcasts, masterclasses and stages can transform your livelihood
  • Craft your own press bio
  • Understand how to Quantum Leap your business with your messaging and your visibility
  • Find out how you can create multiple 6 figures in your business by JUST being authentically seen online and on stage.
  • An exclusive high-end in person immersive experience - covid allowing, included in the investment


Voice Mastery Mastermind Doors Reopen in 2022


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou



Here's the CV bit, so you can know, like and trust me quicker!

As a trained opera singer I worked for decades in the music industry. I've invested most of my career in either coaching people to find their voice, improve their mindset or find success in their business.

I'm an award winning serial entrepreneur and I've shared the stage with people like Simon Sinek, Sara Blakely and Niyc Pidgeon.

I've been quoted in international press and #1 podcasts alongside influencers such as Gary Veynerchuk, Jay Leno and Tai Lopez.......and I'm regularly in national press here in Wales and the UK.

I work globally, mainly between the states and the UK and I have the most amazing opportunities in my life, like teaching at retreats in Beverly Hills and being invited to Necker Island to mastermind with phenomenal entrepreneurs and Sir Richard Branson.

And here's the thing. I'm not an influencer, I'm not size 0-10. I don't get up at 5am every morning, I wasn't born into a family of entrepreneurs and I haven't got hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

I'm actually a mum in her 40's hailing from Barry in South Wales.....

SO HOW DID I DO IT.......?

Well, back in 2016 my traditional consultancy and training business was severely impacted by the global economic and political climate.   

In my quest to flip the business, I was told the same message time and time again. That I needed to get more visible.

You would think that as a singer who has sung in front of royalty, for audiences as large as 80,000 people and at Glastonbury Festival that this would be easy......but you wouldn't be further from the truth. 

In fact it was painful. I was hiding behind the business that I had created. I had been making a quarter of a million a year for a long time....but my profit margin was as low as my self worth!

So - I decided I would do whatever it took to rescue the business. (and I'm so pleased I did btw!)

I bit the bullet and accepted the speaking gigs I was invited to during late 2016 and 2017 and things shifted - mainly that my personal brand started rising and I felt a huge amount of guilt towards my lovely bricks and mortar business.

I was petrified and I was pivoting! Sound familiar? 

I was also totally triggered in self judgement thinking that I was already a multiple six figure business owner - why did I need more? 

.....because I was totally in lack that's why! I wasn't getting what I needed from my business. I was confused and conflicted. It was time to break that cycle, time to have, be and impact more......It was Time To Rise! 

By Christmas 2017 I drew a line in the sand and had my enough is enough moment! That's when I made my first 10k investment to take my business online.

I've never looked back.

Between April 2018-January 2019 I made £100k extra in my business and a further £200k between June 2019-January 2020......ALL by speaking online and on stage and levelling up my visibility in press and media. 

I most certainly don't say this to brag, simply to show that there's another way.....potentially for you to experience more in your life and business if you choose!

Join me and my curated group of phenomenal global coaches so we can show you how to do this for yourself.......



  • How Your STORY Is Your Primary Tool For Creating Impact in Others
  • How Flipping Your Mindset Can Change Your Destination
  • How Your Self-Worth Is The Foundation To Your Business (& Life) Success & Getting on Stage
  • How To Recognise Your Life Pivots And Why They Hold Your greatest Teachings to Influence Your Future Customers
  • How To Re-Frame Your LIMITING BELIEFS To Step Into Your MORE 
  • How To Step Into Your Calling As A Speaker So You Can Help Others, Inspire Your Audience & Make More Money!
  • How To Protect Your Voice 
  • How To Manipulate and Control Your Voice
  • How To Be Totally Authentic When You're In Front OF an Audience
  • How To Craft Your Keynote
  • How To Attract The Right Audience And Speaking Gigs

Meet Anna

Consistently grown her business over the past 12 months by finding her inner voice and gaining the courage to be visible.

Meet Natasha

Smashed her first month in business by hitting her income goal and maxing out her client spaces - all by being visible online.

Meet Aleks

Just hit her first 5 figure week, launched her first scale model and has a full client rosta by stepping out in front of the camera and her audience.

Meet Niyc Pidgeon

Leading Global Success Coach, Founder of the Unstoppable Success System. Most Outstanding Positive Psychologist 2018” MSc BSc CTLLS IPPA, Award Winning Best-Selling Hay House Author “Now Is Your Chance”, International Speaker, and Certified High Performance & Success Coach CHPC


"As one of the World's leading Voice Coaches, Andrea has been supporting me as a global speaker for some time. She has a knack of holding people, so you know she has your back. She even notices whenever I need support just by hearing my voice, and has particularly helped me with my vocal health, especially around level up speaking gigs. 

I travel extensively and I'm super busy. Andrea's flexible vocal health support has been invaluable to me as a speaker ensuring I am confident in having impact and influence and showing up as my best self every time I share from the stage!"

Meet JuVan Langford

The Global Voice of Men's Empowerment. International Facilitator & Executive Business Coach, Global Speaker, Founder of The MENtour


“Talk about a gift from God! Flying 8,000 miles across the world to one of my largest audiences I lost my voice. In one session, Andrea not only restored my voice but more importantly confidence- what a legend!"

Voice Mastery Mastermind Doors Reopen in 2022!


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