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Lose Fear, Get Unstuck and Transform Your Life . . . for FREE in Just 3 Days

The worst four-letter word for a female entrepreneur is F-E-A-R. 
Fear of failure, fear of visibility, fear of committing to your business, fear of pricing, fear of selling, fear of success . . .  
Talk about draining. And when we have an honest self-chat, we realise our worst fear: We’re the ones holding ourselves back! 
In short, we’re in our own way.
No wonder we get STUCK. 
But what if you could get rid of the fear and get unstuck? You could live a life where more income flows with ease. One in which self-confidence is abundant. And relationships with family and friends blossom.
Well, you CAN. When you take authentic ownership of your beautiful self and your life. 


Most importantly, it’s time to reclaim 2022 – So you can THRIVE in 2023! 

Presenting My FREE Masterclass Series:

Get Out of Your Own Way

It’s time to claim control over your life & business.

Who Am I and Why Should You Trust Me? 

I’m Andrea Callanan, and I’m one of the leading voice, mindset, and business coaches available. You could call me a triple-threat. 
I've been labelled a unicorn in the past!  . . I get it that I'm a rare breed who combines certified Positive Psychology,  Business Strategy,  Mindset plus a true VOICE coaching...... in a nutshell. I've got your covered.
My clients get a multi-faceted approach that draws from my nearly 30 years of voice coaching combined with 15 years of training speakers and entrepreneurs. 
The proof you really need: My masterclass reveals how I totally transformed my life, income and manifesting - and how attendees can do the same!
This crazy year is not over by a longshot. Reclaim 2022—and thrive in 2023—right here and now.

Overthinking? Fear? Self-Doubt?

Here’s What Past Students Say About Vanquishing that Rubbish Forever!

"This masterclass has been so powerful for me. Fear has been a solid brick wall for me for so long. I have now had a conversation with my fear and I have thanked it for protecting me and thanked my fear for teaching me, I understand its purpose now and I really appreciate it being around me and I am comfortable with why fear is here with me at times and why it is stronger on some occasions than others. My experience of working with Andrea has been inspirational and truly transformational. Thank you for this opportunity, thank you for sharing your story and being vulnerable and thank you for your techniques, advice, guidance and teachings...just one final word from me - WOW!"

Claire F

"Andrea is gifted in her ability to connect with authenticity, generosity and joy. Being part of her masterclass demonstrated to me what can be achieved when we operate in this way and her wonderful insights and wisdom have helped shine a light on my path so I can see my way forward more clearly. I am truly grateful for the experience."

Yvonne S

"Totally blown away! You're an absolute whirlwind, and that's been good for me as I overthink everything, dither too long, and have tons of self-doubt. This week has made me focus properly on where I want to go, what I want to do, and given me some excellent tools to go about it. This free course was vital for me, and I intend to make full use of everything I've learned this week. Thank you for giving so generously of yourself and of your time, thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Anna K

Stop the Dithering and Realise Your Full Potential

I’m Ready to Get Out of My Own Way!
The women I work with may come from different areas of expertise and have different goals. But there’s a common thread: They feel stuck, are unmotivated, carry fear, and have self-doubt.
And the most painful part is they don’t want to admit it to themselves because they’re successful business owners and “shouldn’t” have those feelings.
My purpose is to release those negative aspects that hold you back from the business and life you want!

Get Out of Your Own Way Is Made for Women Who Are Seeking That Elusive Breakthrough to Finally Manifest Their Life’s Ultimate Vision


The proposition is simple: This FREE masterclass series is for women who want more from their businesses and their lives. 

You’re a high-achieving female entrepreneur who works at a high level. You have an online business. Or maybe you're thinking of pivoting your existing business or even starting your business up.  

BUT, you need new skills to transform your life to:

So, What’s in Get Out of Your Own Way Anyway? 

(AKA: How Much of My Life Will It Take to Create a New One?)


Masterclass Overview:

The Get Out of Your Own Way masterclass series is free of charge, short and efficient. We utilise a Facebook Group and Zoom for training. There are 90-120 min long masterclasses throughout the week with replays available. Plus, we’ll toast your stellar growth and sky-high future with a celebration at the end!


The week is packed full of value with resources, free lessons and giveaways. Many students experience transformations before the week is over! 


Get Out of Your Own Way Masterclass Series Snapshot:

Duration: 1 week

Starts on Monday, 17th October 2022.

Format: 3 In Person Sessions

3 Masterclasses, 1 Celebration

Where: In Andrea's Private Facebook Group

Delivered via Zoom

Investment: Totally Free of charge, other than your time, energy and commitment to go all in! 


The Formula Works:
Sign Up + Follow through = Bigger Goals

"Of all the free resources I have signed up to over the years. . . I'm going to be honest and say that THIS is the FIRST time I have actually FOLLOWED THROUGH with any of them . . . THIS is the first time I have felt aligned and connected with the valuable and ultimately, life-changing, content that was on offer. THANK YOU Andrea Callanan."

"The content of your masterclasses has given me the encouragement I needed to continue on this "business" journey, that I've literally only begun within the last month. I have invested in therapists, healers and more recently a coach . . . and it's only NOW that I recognise my own worth, I have confidence and am willing to put myself out there. I am worth every single financial investment I have ever made AND having crossed paths with you, Andrea, I now have even BIGGER goals and intentions for my life and my purpose here."


Before you say, “I can’t commit to this because (fill-in-the-blank)” remember what Sinead said: 

It works IF and only if . . . 

You follow through. 

Think your future is worth a week's commitment and investment of your time and energy?

Commit to 5 days of mapped out, step-by-step, focused effort!



"I could go on and on but the biggest thing for me was really getting my life back. It brought about a profound change in my self-worth and it made my marriage better, my parenting better and is still shaping changes I want to make in what I do to earn money. I simply could not have achieved this on my own. It took someone with an objective view to help me tackle my blind spots so the best and most powerful version of myself could be free. I used to grumble along every week full of anxiety, stress, worry, resentment, feeling unfulfilled and out of control of my own happiness. Not any more"

Gill Munro

"Working with Andrea was great. The masterclass via Zoom was well- presented and easy- to- understand and really felt interactive like I was in the same room. Andrea made it easy to dig deep really quickly. Which was great even though there were times when I was quite emotional and really glad no one else could see."

Karen N

"Make the step for self mastery! It was the start of my journey and I have not looked back!!! When I say journey it’s a rollercoaster of self discovery and it will take you places you didn’t know existed! 💥💥💥 highly recommended! "

Ann Nagle

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