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Shatter everything that’s holding you back from the success you’re meant for!

In under a year, my clients unapologetically alter their perspective and propel their life and business forward to new heights. 

And I am READY to help you do the same.

If you’ve dreamed of:

Attracting more clients so you can consistently achieve £5-10k months

Growing your business limitlessly without sacrificing precious time with family and friends

Developing a bombproof mindset and releasing toxic thoughts of self-doubt

Being able to fearlessly speak easily about your business with panache 

Then it’s time to choose how you’ll invest the next 12 months . .

Spiralling further into the black hole of burnout . . .

Or walking purposefully down a proven path of success with me!  

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Hey there! I’m Andrea, an entrepreneurial Voice, Mindset, & Business Coach, and the founder and owner of the multi-award-winning corporate engagement company Inspire Me, and the founder of Superchoir. 

Finding new solutions to light people up fulfils me. So I’m proud to have been named as a top 25 inspirational Welsh woman, a small business Guardian Leader of the year, a Great British Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, and an Insider Magazine Rising Star. 

I’m also a contributing member of the esteemed Forbes Coaches council, and co-author of the #1 International Business Best Seller, You Are Meant For More

My driving passion is to help people find their confidence and voice. Over the past 25 years, I’ve helped tens of thousands start and grow businesses, become singers, speakers or leaders, and discover their self-worth. 

Let me share something I’ve discovered along the way . . .   

No amount of skills or accomplishments will bring success if you are constantly apologizing, self-doubting, and self-sabotaging.  

If you haven’t experienced your ah-ha moment and learned how to access your unapologetic, empowered self, you will continue to lack income, lack clients, and work yourself into the ground for little return. 

I know this from experience . . .  

Just a few short years ago, I was struggling in my business and desperate for a change. But I was stuck in my sabotaging mindset and unable to work past it on my own.  

So I took a leap of faith and signed up for an exclusive 12-month Accelerator, even though the cost terrified me. I’d never invested anything like this in myself before . . . but I knew that dedicating 12 months to growth could change everything. I was ready for a massive shift, and I knew I needed high touch support to get me there. 

The results were life-changing. My second 6-figure business not only took off, but I doubled my income in the first 12 months. Then I QUADRUPLED my income the following year. 

My leap of faith worked. And, to be honest, I was in awe of the transformation in my business, income, and personal life.

Now I speak and coach women internationally, passing on everything I've discovered over the past two decades. 

YES - I Need This In My Life - I Want To Speak To Andrea About Applying


...is a 12-month business accelerator to Transform Mindset, Business, and Voice . . . and Unapologetically Claim Your Success!

✨ Explore all three disciplines of Self, Business, and Voice Mastery to build your business on the right foundation, grow with the right systems, and speak with confidence


✨ Recognise, then eliminate self-limiting beliefs


✨ Discover your self-worth and charge appropriately


✨ Restructure your business model to bring in £5k-£10k months consistently


✨ Work smarter and grow in efficiency by examining tried and tested systems


✨ Make your business reflect your satisfaction and happiness, and feel in total alignment with how you earn an income


✨ Learn how to get visible authentically to transform your aligned lead generation and sales process (including how to show up live, speaking and finding your voice)



My coaching empowers high-achieving women entrepreneurs in their mindset, business growth, and speaking skills.


But don't just take my word for it... see what my clients Say......

"If you are looking to grow both your business and yourself, this is the course for you. The level of support you get is outstanding from both Andrea and her team and the other members on the course. I know for a fact that I wouldn't be where I am today without this course. "


"I have worked on my niche a lot and feel that I am now in a great place to grow my business. My mindset and income have improved dramatically and this has had such a positive impact on my personal life as well as my business"


"Being a part of the Unapologetic Success Accelerator means you have an incredible support network and have access to Andrea’s guidance, wisdom and expertise which will enable you to grow your businesses towards your vision"


Current Unapologetic Mastermind Clients

These are real screenshots from Andrea's Messenger!

Who wants success in just one area of life? 

No one!

That’s why this course is the whole package.


> How Flipping Your Mindset Can Change Your Destination


> How Your Story Holds The Keys To Understanding Why You Behave In Your Business The Way You Do And Your Money Mindset

> How To GET ORGANISED With Your Business Systems For Marketing, Sales, Team, Customer Experience & Finance

> How To Shape Your Business Into Your Life, Rather Than The Other Way Around

> How To Leverage YOU To Create The Business & Income YOU WANT

> How To Identify & STOP APOLOGETIC BEHAVIOURS And Language That Are Holding You Back In Your Personal Happiness And Business Success


And More......

"I have so much more clarity now"
"This course and You have changed my life"
"I have new found focus on where I want my business to go"
"The tools you've given us have helped so much"
You have transformed me in so many ways and I don’t think there are words to express my gratitude"
"I'm now excited about my business"
"I've quadrupled my income since working with you!'
"I've finally got control on my life long anxiety."
"I found my niche!"

12 Months, 30+ Modules, 4 planning sessions, 12+ Guest Masterclasses, 1 Coach

 Why It Works - The 3 Disciplines & Course Content

Self Mastery

You can’t move forward with an old mindset, so first, we’ll rebuild your foundation. I’ve included 10 Modules to revolutionise mindset, self-awareness, self-worth and behaviour. 

Get back in the driver’s seat and uncover what YOU want in your business. How do you want your business to serve you and your family? Discover how to give yourself permission to get there.

My unique revolutionary Story Work technique will shift your perspective on a niche, money mindset, and pricing. The end goal is to empower you to conquer limiting beliefs and restore your confidence.

Finally, learn how to manifest and create what you want, as well as celebrate every achievement. Then apply all of this in your business to create continued success. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


Biz Mastery

This system explores principles on both the basics of business and the keys to levelling up. Uncover the concept, the execution, and everything in-between, plus bonus mindset modules. 

Next, unpack your business model, nail down your niche, and get laser-focused on your direction. We’ll explore your sales, marketing, systems, planning, team, finance, and business operations, leaving no stone unturned for true transformation. 

Learn to get out of your own way and scale to between £5-£10k a month while creating an aligned business with clients you love working with.


Voice Mastery

This is my proven system, honed over 25 years to deliver unparalleled results. We’ll explore every facet of speaking until you can banish the fear of being seen and can talk effortlessly about your business. 

This includes overcoming The Fear Of Being Visible, Authentic Sales Pitches, Public Speaking, Social Media Lives, Selling from the Stage, Discovering your Inner Voice, and How You Use Your Voice. Plus we’ll cover adapting your tone, pace, clarity, and more.

Don't Take My Word For It -


Frequently Asked Questions

This course is priced at £11,997.

Yes! There are payment options available and depending on how you have connected with me, you may also be eligible for a special price. 

Access to this course is available all year on request, however Andrea opens the doors officially twice a year. The doors are now OPEN and will be until the end of Q1, 2021.  So if you want to move the needle in your business you MUST bag your space before 31st March 2021. 

This course is in HIGH DEMAND - the results the women get on this course are outrageous!

There are now only 5 spaces left before Easter 2021. Are you one of them?


In short yes and also,  can you afford not to? If you've got this far in reading the FAQ's you've already identified that you need support.


The long answer is that I won't BS you in saying this course is a walk in the park. It's life and business changing...and that's because the work we do is disruptive. Don't take Andrea's word for it thought - please watch and read through the testimonials of some of the women just like you who have experienced results with working with her.


You will not be the same following this course. So, the choice is yours. Are you going around in circles with stress, anxiety, inertia, lack of confidence, lack of self worth, not charging enough, working too hard, imposter syndrome, self sabotage, lack of regular income, disconnected form your business, lack of direction, accountability and knowledge? OR....are you going to take action and be the change maker you need to be ......you can change all of this - for ever, by taking the course. 

Yes, but only if you promise to dive in deep, take action and DO THE WORK. The course has a huge element of accountability in it and is kept small very intentionally, so I can hold space for you all individually as well as a group. You have to meet me half way though  - it's your life, your business, your career.....if you invest, it's my job to make sure it works for you. 

Absolutely, 100%. If you feel compelled to take the course just get in touch. All you have to do is click the button to communicate with me. Any questions around whether it's worth it, whether you'll benefit could be answered by some of the women on the Unapologetic Accelerator who I'm totally happy to put you in touch with. If you have any questions about affordability, also get in touch. This work is way more to me than just another online course. I NEVER coach anyone unless they're aligned with me. You know already if you need this in your life, so make sure you are courageous enough to contact me so we can get rid of any barriers you may have. 


“This all sounds great, but let’s talk about the investment . . . ”

I’m so glad you brought that up . . . wait until you see how truly extensive this programme is . . .

>  12 Months of Support (Value £15,000)

>  52 Weeks

30+ Modules

>  200+ Lessons

>  Lifetime Access to Course Materials (Value £1,997)

>  Strong 121 Element with Me (Value £40,000)

>  Exclusive Tight Knit Success Community (Value £25.000)

>  Dynamic World Class Mastermind Guest Coaches (Value £12,000)

>  Quarterly Strategy Building For Your Business (Value £4997)

>  Exclusive Weekly Group Mentoring Calls (Value £48,000)

>  Exclusive Unapologetic Mastermind Immersive Weekend Retreat Experience (Value £3999) (Covid allowing)

(NB: Accommodation & Travel Not Included)





= £151,994 


And Guess What...





Full Payment


Pay £14,997 including VAT to secure your place!


Total: £14,997 inc VAT

Fully Committed! Sign Me Up!

12 Monthly Payments


Pay 12 equal monthly payments of £1280. 


Total: £15,360 inc VAT

Save My Space!

Deposit + 12 Payments


Pay £4997 Deposit and then
12 monthly payments of £840. 

Total: £15,007 inc VAT

Count Me In!

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