Transform Your Voice into a Success-Getting Superpower in just 8 weeks

Discover how the world’s best speakers crush fear and anchor their authentic voice to attract endless streams of influence, impact, and income

"Andrea, since digging into your online training and implementing it, I've been getting unapologetically visible and now my sales are so much easier! I've maxed out my coaching clients within a month and had my highest income yet. I had no clients before, and it's all down to these strategies! I can do this! I'm so excited! "

Natasha Pickup
Clarity Coach

Allow me a moment on the soapbox  . . .

There are five huge mistakes I see women make that keep them from putting themselves out there . . .

It starts with a hardwired fear signal alerting us to the “dangers” of speaking up, or crippling self-doubt that loves to keep us quiet as a mouse.

Sometimes it manifests as a desire to say “sorry” all the time for no bloody reason . . . Or an unshakable conviction that our current success is a one-time fluke.

And then let’s not forget the small inner voice that sounds more like our nagging mums than ourselves! 


Perhaps you can relate?

What if You Granted Yourself Permission to be Heard . . .

🎤 You’d speak with unapologetic confidence in every setting 

🎤 You’d effortlessly attract new business and expanded income

🎤 You’d awaken to your worth and release feelings of inadequacy 

🎤 You’d become FEARLESS about authentic self-expression

🎤 You’d tune your inner and outer worlds to the abundance frequency


And you’d turn those record scratch moments of deafening silence into gravity-defying speeches worthy of a standing ovation.


I gotta ask . . .

Who wouldn’t want that kind of  confidence?!


What you’re about to
uncover is the secret tool
the world’s most influential people

tap into daily to spin webs
of gold with their words . . .

 And it’s high time we put YOU
on that map, don’t you think?

Introducing . . .


This eight-week self-mastery course unlocks the fast-track to enormous visibility and unprecedented success by harnessing the power of your authentic voice.

Let’s Make a Toast to Your Beautiful Life Story . . .

Because here’s the thing . . . Most voice coaches work solely on the physical.

But 80% of Voice Mastery Stems from Deep Emotional Work.

Our speech carries the frequency of our life experiences . . .

And it’s absolutely VITAL that we tune into unapologetic self-expression for permanent vocal transformation. 


My Fabulous Speaker Clients Are Speaking Up . . .

"As one of the World's leading Voice Coaches, Andrea has been supporting me as a global speaker for some time. She has a knack of holding people, so you know she has your back. She even notices whenever I need support just by hearing my voice, and has particularly helped me with my vocal health, especially around level up speaking gigs. 

I travel extensively and I'm super busy. Andrea's flexible vocal health support has been invaluable to me as a speaker ensuring I am confident in having impact and influence and showing up as my best self every time I share from the stage!"
Niyc Pidgeon - Positive Psychologist, International Success Coach, Speaker & Author

“Talk about a gift from God! Flying 8,000 miles across the world to one of my largest audiences I lost my voice. In one session, Andrea not only restored my voice but more importantly confidence- what a legend!"

JuVan Langford - Empowerment Coach & Global Speaker

"Working with Andrea has revolutionised my approach to my voice. 
 Her input has been invaluable. 
Andrea has a way of coaching that has allowed me to accept and appreciate my own voice instead of emulating other singers, speakers and coaches. 
I feel unstoppable with my performance and vocal technique and that’s all thanks to Andrea’s knowledge and wisdom."

Michelle Thole - Performance Coach


Over the next two months, we’ll unveil a realm of possibility for personal and professional success through shaping the most powerful version of your voice. speaking gigs our online presence

It’s time to claim ownership of your voice and crack open the possibilities . . .

Because the Stage (Online and In Person) is Waiting for You in All Your Gorgeous Glory

Here's your payment options so you can Gain More Confidence, Impact, Influence, and Income as You Master Your Voice.



Total: £997 
Gimme The Mic



 Total: £997
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 Total: £997 
Gimme The Mic

Look Who’s Talkin’ . . .

So who’s the voice behind all this, anyway?

So glad you asked! I’m Andrea Callanan, and I’ve been one of the world’s leading voice and success coaches for the last two decades. 

My specialty? Helping high-flying female entrepreneurs transform their voices into strong vessels for tremendous influence and impact. 

Here’s the thing . . . As a classically-trained singer and music industry voice coach, I know a thing or two about projecting soulful, controllable confidence into a room. 

But as a musician-turned-entrepreneur, I also understand how our inner narratives shape the sounds we produce and the messages we send out to the world.

Since starting my voice coaching career 26 years ago, I’ve . . .

  • Been featured in international press alongside influencers such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez 
  • Shared the stage with the likes of Simon Sinek, Sara Blakely, and Niyc Pidgeon, among others . . .
  • Founded the award-winning corporate engagement company Inspire Me . . .
  • Been named as a top 25 inspirational Welsh woman . . .
  • Won small business Guardian Leader of the year . . .
  • And snagged a spot as a Great British Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, and an Insider Magazine Rising Star. 

I’m also the co-author of the number one international Business Best Seller “You Are Meant For More” and the curator of the best seller "Step Aside & Rise"

I'm also a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and a member of the esteemed Forbes Coaches Council.

And while the accolades certainly jazz up my world, my FAVOURITE successes are the thousands of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with . . . who’ve benefited both financially and emotionally from honing the power of their authentic voice. 

The best part: I have absolute confidence in you to do the same.

Who’s the Best Fit for This Kind of Work?

It takes a special kind of person to commit to becoming more visible, someone who is . . .

  • Sick of living in sames-ville and ready to break out of their comfort zone

  • Ready to crush self-limiting beliefs and take ownership of their story so they can leverage their pain points to help others.

  • Willing to step into the arena, release the fear of judgement and step into their higher self

  • Passionate about ELEVATING their voice to claim a wealth of abundance 

If you’re willing to take the radical step of investing in how to get in front of people, speak your truth, tell your story and leverage YOU in your business . . .

Then you’re ready for this kind of transformation. 



"I’ve always been telling my clients that it’s really important to get visible on their social media channels but it’s something that I’ve always struggled to do myself. However having worked with Andrea on some mastery skills, it’s something I’ve transformed and I now have absolutely no worries about watching myself back or recording lives or stories on a daily basis and I can honestly say it’s transformed my business. "

Anna Frapwell Prince
Neon Digital

Fortune Favours Bold Self-Expression

Let’s be real . . . There’s nothing our small voice loves more than a little dose of procrastination . . 


That voice just eats up the “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude that keeps us stuck in our cozy little worlds of sameness and self-defeat. 


Now Is The Time we tell that voice to march its bum outta the auditorium, so we can make room for the REAL you to start shining on stage. 


Are you with me?


Yes? Speak up and let me hear you . . .



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