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I've owned businesses for nearly 25 years and I can tell you that it wasn't until I addressed my money mindset and energetics that my financial position REALLY changed in my business.
This activation has the sounds of the sea and the flamingos embedded within from Sir RIchard Branson's private Caribbean Island, where I was lucky enough to mastermind with many other millionaire's in 2022, just to bring that extra magic to your wealth upgrade.
Don't get me wrong - nothing will replace you still getting your business basics's the thing though, I've seen a VIP client make 100k from scratch in 100 days, simply by tapping into the right energetic money codes and learning to feel safe around her elevated financial situation.
I've equally seen people self sabotage because they don't feel safe around having more money. 
SO powerful.


How you feel and what you believe is everything in money energetics. Let's get your story changing today!

Hello, I'm Andrea Callanan

International Speaker, Fast results Transformational Coach & Mentor. Voice, Mindset & Business Coach. Twice Times Best Selling Amazon Business Author and small business owner for over 2 decades.

I'm also a mum of 2, wife and I experience anxiety and worry sometimes just like you in my business.

I created this particular meditation in response to my clients and SO many female business owners reaching out to me just like you.

This was also a free resource I gifted people (free of charge) who were  worried during the pandemic a few years back.

It has since become a go-to strategy in my positive psychology toolbox for when I want to reprogramme someone's subconscious so they can move forward. 

This meditation will help if you are worried or in a fearful or anxious state about:

  • Your Health and the Health of your Loved Ones
  • Your Business
  • Money¬†
  • Your Children
  • Your Home/Household
  • Your Daily Routine/logistical management of how you're going to hold everything together
  • Your Mental Load
  • Your Safety
  • The Health and Safety of Others (including your clients, team and those who may be in a less privileged position to you)


So please accept this as my gift to you to help you though the next few days, weeks and months as and when you need it.

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