You Weren't Meant To Be a Wallflower!



Do you ever wake in the morning with an unsettling feeling that things could just be “better?” 

There’s little that compares to the shrinking feeling that you’re holding yourself back . . . when you know you are capable of so much more. 

Everyone assumes you are in control. Because, well, you’re YOU. It’s what they expect—but it’s not how you really feel. 

Deep down, it can seem like you’re acting the part in a play. Maybe pretending to be something you’re not.

You may start to doubt yourself, thinking: “Am I an impostor?” Or “Am I really as good as I think I am?” 

When you’re not sure if you’re “doing it all right,” it’s easy to constantly flit from goal to goal. And business ambitions veer down a new path. Suddenly it seems like you’re not gaining any ground . . . that you’re starting over again. Because, well, you are. So you constantly feel like you have to “pay your dues” again and again just to stay in the game. 


Maybe you left the safety of the corporate world. 


Perhaps you’re just starting out.


Perhaps you started ages ago but don't feel like you're progressing...


You're just stuck!


Either way, you’re very aware that being out on your own is tough. So it’s easy to second-guess your choice. One certainty: You long to run your own business and be home more for yourself, family, and friends. 

You’re running your own show . . . and money flows in pretty regularly. But it’s not enough. You’re a natural-born high-achiever with income goals that are 2x, 3x, even 4x where you’re at. 

The culprit: You lack the confidence to charge what you’re really worth. That prospect is too intimidating for your tastes.

To add to the stress of it all, your relationships suffer the brunt of the pent-up desire to achieve more. You find yourself projecting your frustration on to those closest to you.  

At the crux of it all . . . your self-esteem has sunk to an all-time low. And it’s not because you’re incapable—you are a dazzling, intelligent professional after all—but rather, for the first time, you feel like you’re underachieving relative to what you are truly capable of accomplishing. Ouch. 

To make matters worse, your peers “seem” to have it all together.

What happened to that dynamic, brilliant woman you actually are . . . 

You simply lost your mojo and got stuck! 

It’s Time to Be More UNAPOLOGETIC!

What we’re about to share with you opens doors that were closed before and shapes an authentic YOU who stands in a new light . .


HUNDREDS of women (and men) have been through this process over the last 6 years with wild success.

Introducing . . .

The Unapologetic Self-Mastery Accelerator LIVE IN PERSON retreat experience.


It’s a one-of-a-kind course for successful business owners, like you, who feel they are stuck and holding themselves back in their life and business. This self-mastery course unlocks the latent power you already possess so you can step into your success and fulfilment.


What Makes The Unapologetic Self-Mastery Accelerator Different?

We’ve been told by clients that it’s one of the only courses they’ve experienced which combines mindset, self-worth, business skills, and healing . . . at the same time

A pivotal component of this is the closeness of our community. There’s strength in support!

Our powerhouse delegates reclaim their true selves and learn to embrace BOTH their feminine and masculine energies while leaning into their identities and self-actualisation. 

Want to find yourself again? 

You're in the right place! 

100's of Success Stories Have Been Through the Self-Mastery Accelerator. Here’s What a Few Have to Say . . . 

"It has been a rebirth for me. I have been on an incredible journey re-discovering who I am with an amazing group of women. Andrea is spookily good at what she does and really got into the nitty gritty of where I was, where I needed to get to and how to get there. It was an emotional journey and one I would do all over again (as finally I have been on a course that I didn't think I really needed, and yet it was the one course I 100% needed). The key to it has been Andrea's amazing guidance, the tool kit, the group, the group calls and the continuous support. Without the support I don't think I would have done the work. Without doing the work I would still be waiting to re-discover me and I am so thankful I can now move onwards and upwards. "

Sarah W

"Working with Andrea has been amazing! I had no idea in how many ways I was holding myself back. Andrea has the most incredible combination of energy, holding space, so that it's easy to be completely honest and open, and instantly seeing the heart of the problem, and being straight to the point when addressing it. My self confidence has soared because of working with Andrea! "

Katja L

"Andrea was so amazing at bringing out the best in me along this journey. I found it surprising how she knew me so well and knew that I wasn’t a person who showed my feelings, she allowed me to show my vulnerable side by going easy on me. She also made it easy for me to put all my trust in her. I have learnt so much about myself, which I know is going to help me for my business. The course was easy to understand, the modules were written so eloquently and professionally. I did find it much easier to be on the course with high successful women achievers, rather than a one-to-one, the amount of support we gave each other was immense, and helped me so much to keep going. I have never done anything like this before and it has brought a much better person in me, and has introduced me into getting to know about mindfulness more. I really hope to work with Andrea one day again soon and can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me. I am eternally grateful. Much love Genevie "

Genevieve J

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Jane Baker Self Mastery LIVE review


Liz Donlon Self Mastery LIVE review


The Unapologetic Self-Mastery Accelerator Will Teach You How . . .

“Sounds Great, But What Do I Actually

Have to DO?” 


Over a 6 week container of time we’ll dive into a rock-solid foundation of pre-planned material that’s proven to deliver results. Here’s why it really works: We follow our proven 4-step process over 2 immersive weekends supported by integration weeks with a weekly online zoom inbetween to make discovering the information and transformation possible . . . simultaneously!


We are set to host Self Mastery LIVE twice in 2024.

MAY dates:

Onboarding: W/C 6th May

In Person retreat: 18/19th May

In Person retreat: 8/9th June

Closing Ceremony: w/c 10th June


OCTOBER dates:

Onboarding W/C 16th September

In Person retreat: 5/6th October

In Person retreat: 18/19th October

Closing Ceremony: W/C 21st October


NB: These dates are subject to numbers. If necessary sign ups may be ticketed to the following cohort.


Here's the curriculum:

And here's the, life changing transformational process you'll be going through. 


Modules 1–3 Overview:

Here’s where we unpack how you got to now. We’ll explore why you believe, feel and behave the way you do in your life and career. Get ready to tackle some tough questions because that’s where the transformation happens. We’ll look at why you feel uncomfortable about certain things, and areas where you might feel like you're failing in. Then we’ll uncover what needs changing . . . and what needs to be focused on. By the end of this Module, you’ll be ready to be fully-present and become more mindful.

 Modules 4–7 Overview:

Here we’ll explore acceptance, healing, and appreciation of who you are and what you have already created in your life or business. We’ll share powerful strategies for you to move on and shift areas where you sabotage yourself for good. Get ready to build up your self-worth, respect, self-love, and self-awareness. Underneath it all, you’ll meet your own emotional intelligence. 

Modules 8–11 Overview:

This section is dedicated to rebuilding, reframing your mindset, and changing behaviours that no longer serve you. Level-up your self-perception and confidence, your money mindset, your relationships, and your well-being. You are about to live “on purpose” with your behaviour. Unapologetically!

 Module 12 Overview:

Recognise how far you've come, knowing that you have conquered some of your biggest anxieties and fears. Celebrate how you have gained more control over your life and business. Now you’re ready to go forward with new Self-Mastery tips, tools, techniques, and strategies. There is a 45-minute graduation exit call for each member to pave the way for future success and an opportunity to continue your journey working with Andrea should you wish.

Want to Know If the Self-Mastery Accelerator Is for You?

It’s easy to know if you’re in the right place....

You're a high-achieving entrepreneur. You want more for your business and life. BUT . . . you lack the confidence to charge more. So you’re not earning enough. There’s an underlying lack of confidence and visibility . . and you fear being judged. You work at a high level and you're (usually) a high outputter. . . but you don’t feel like you’re worthy of the success that comes with it and you can't seem to OWN IT.
That’s the kind of thinking we want to smash to bits so you feel the power of . . .
💥 Higher self-worth
💥 New boundaries
💥 Actual self-confidence
💥 Better relationships with loved ones
💥 Enhanced productivity
💥 A clear direction and purpose
💥 A limitless money mindset
💥 Confidence in pricing

Many people make more money whilst on the accelerator - some even double, triple and sometimes even quadruple their income! 

If all that sounds like YOU, then there’s no time like the present.

To Recap This Massively Life-Changing Opportunity and What You Get . . . 

What Makes Our Groups So Valuable?

Community! Your Private Facebook Group is a safe gathering space created and facilitated by Andrea. Andrea is well-known for fostering trust, security, openness and 'love' within her Facebook course groups. 

Many participants openly share private thoughts, fears, and experiences, both professionally and personally in the group . . . for the first time. They simply feel that safe and supported. What a totally empowering and nourishing feeling. Andrea facilitates the group with her trusted team members and there is a strict Chatham House Rules policy within the success communities.

It’s time to emerge as your true, victorious self and open a new chapter that lasts a lifetime . . .

Who’s Behind The Unapologetic Self Mastery Accelerator LIVE. 

I'm so glad you asked! I’m Andrea Callanan, Fast results transformation Coach and I’ve been one of the world’s leading voice, mindset and success coaches for the last two decades. 

... did I mention I'm also a Certified Positive Psychology Coach AND I work with trauma informed coaching to boot. 

My speciality? Helping high-flying professionals and entrepreneurs transform their self-worth, find their voice and level up their leadership, business knowledge and skill so they can thrive in their business and careers.

Here’s the thing . . . As a musician-turned-entrepreneur, I have worn the T-Shirts (multiple), made the mistakes, got stuck and unstuck more times than I can even count. I've been in business for 20+ years with well over a decade as a business mentor. I've also been a leadership consultant in large brands and mindset coach for 15 years, and I'm willing to share just what changed it all for me......with you! 

I'm a twice over best selling author, international speaker, one of Success Magazine's 125 and a former member of Forbes coaches council.

You're in safe hands - are you ready to sign up yet? 


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