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  • Create Space and use this meditation to supercharge your VOCAL SELF WORTH
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  • Learn how to TUNE IN to your INNER VOICE to support your physical speaking voice
  • Use this POWERFUL tool to REWIRE your brain and BANISH FEAR from your mindset
  • Gain newfound UNAPOLOGETIC CONFIDENCE and awareness around your voice so you can deliver with impact and authentic authority


"As one of the World's leading Voice Coaches, Andrea has been supporting me as a global speaker for some time. She has a knack of holding people, so you know she has your back. She even notices whenever I need support just by hearing my voice, and has particularly helped me with my vocal health, especially around level up speaking gigs. 

I travel extensively and I'm super busy. Andrea's flexible vocal health support has been invaluable to me as a speaker ensuring I am confident in having impact and influence and showing up as my best self every time I share from the stage!"
Niyc Pidgeon - Positive Psychologist, International Success Coach, Speaker & Author

“Talk about a gift from God! Flying 8,000 miles across the world to one of my largest audiences I lost my voice. In one session, Andrea not only restored my voice but more importantly my confidence - what a legend!"

JuVan Langford - Empowerment Coach & Global Speaker

"Working with Andrea has revolutionised my approach to my voice. Her input has been invaluable. 
Andrea has a way of coaching that has allowed me to accept and appreciate my own voice instead of emulating other singers, speakers and coaches. 
I feel unstoppable with my performance and vocal technique and that’s all thanks to Andrea’s knowledge and wisdom."

Michelle Thole - Performance Coach


International Speaker, Fast results Transformational Coach & Mentor. Voice, Mindset & Business Coach. Twice Times Best Selling Amazon Business Author and small business owner for over 2 decades.

A singer by trade, and later a Music Industry Voice Coach and record label owner, Andrea Callanan now speaks, coaches and writes.

She has spent the past 15 years developing senior leaders in global organisations and a further decade unlocking voices of singers and speakers from all walks of life, from the successful and famous to beginners just starting out.

As a musician-turned-entrepreneur, quoted in international press alongside influencers such as Gary Veynerchuk and Tai Lopez, Andrea is a vibrant motivational international speaker. She has shared the stage with the likes of Simon Sinek, Sara Blakely and Niyc Pidgeon to name a few.


It was while transitioning from being a Singer to being an aligned Entrepreneur that Andrea realised the benefits of regular meditation.Her busy-ness was growing along with her success. She needed a short, failsafe way to create space in her day to support her VOICE, her VISION, her SELF WORTH and slay her overwhelm.Ā Ā 

During this time, she realised how much her identity was wrapped up in her voice. To deliver her story and message in her genius zone, it was vital to have true VOICE CONFIDENCE.Ā 

Her breakthrough work with thousands of performers, speakers and high level executives over the past 2+ decades, has reinforced her belief that TRUE ACCEPTANCE of your voice, your unique identity, your story AND your vision as a speaker, is created in the brain and manifested physically.

She created this Powerful Voice Meditation as a fast track to taking your Voice and Confidence to the next level by using positive psychology and soul connection in this amazing tool which activates your subconscious to build your unstoppable mindset.Ā 

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