Surprising Thing I Learnt From Being on TV's Rich House Poor House

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2022

I did something which scared me and made me cringe. 

My name is Andrea Callanan, I'm a voice mindset and business coach, and I empower women to transform their businesses, using confidence and choice. 

Earlier on this year, my darling husband, Matt, convinced me to take part in the television program Rich House, Poor House, with our family. 

We're a great believer in giving back, it’s really important to us. And we had been approached to take part in this television program and I had kind of run away from it. The producers approached Matt as well, and Matt is always known for stepping in and taking risks and doing something  a little bit different, so he convinced me to do it.

The breakdown of this program is that a family from the  top 10% of wealth in the UK swaps places with somebody who is considered to be in the lower 10% of financial wealth. You swap houses and walk in each other's shoes for a week and you see what learnings you find. 


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