Surprising Thing I Learnt From Being on TV's Rich House Poor House

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2022

I did something which scared me and made me cringe. 

My name is Andrea Callanan, I'm a voice mindset and business coach, and I empower women to transform their businesses, using confidence and choice. 

Earlier on this year, my darling husband, Matt, convinced me to take part in the television program Rich House, Poor House, with our family. 

We're a great believer in giving back, it’s really important to us. And we had been approached to take part in this television program and I had kind of run away from it. The producers approached Matt as well, and Matt is always known for stepping in and taking risks and doing something  a little bit different, so he convinced me to do it.

The breakdown of this program is that a family from the  top 10% of wealth in the UK swaps places with somebody who is considered to be in the lower 10% of financial wealth. You swap houses and walk in each other's shoes for a week and you see what learnings you find. 

There were so many good things that came up for me during this experience. We've now made friends with the other family who Matt and I are now supporting in setting up their businesses and changing their lives and careers. 

But something else came up for me.

And that was insecurity. 

That's a really interesting feeling for me to have, because I started my career as a performer. I've been in business for over two decades andI've been visible for quite a long time. I'm used to being on stage and  I've done some media, but this time was different.

Tash, who's the mum in the family that we swapped with, is a pole fitness instructor. She has used the medium of pole to completely transform her mindset and her body. And now she's using it to empower lots of other women to do the same thing.

And out popped my insecurity antenna, because I knew we would be required to get onto a pole, which is kind of like my worst nightmare. 

Here's the dreaded pole! 

It's really interesting because this is something that's happened as I've got older. Once I hit peri-menopause, I became way more concerned about my appearance.

I became way more insecure and I became way more inclined to think that other people might be judging me. 

If I'm being compassionate with myself, I know why those feelings are coming up. My body's changing. I'm getting older, and at the same time, I'm frustrated with myself for feeling these feelings. 

The overriding noise in my head when I saw the airing of the show wasn't all of the great things we did, but “I hate how I look on screen”..... and that's really damning. 

I'm not saying that because I want lots of people to start writing comments about how great they think I look, that's not it at all. I'm saying it because I know this is a common issue with many female entrepreneurs and many women who have insecurities around body confidence, their age, and how they show up. 

So I thought it'd be useful to tell you what I've done with those feelings. 

This is what I know. 

I can either have that as part of my story and let it rule me from the inside out or I can flip it and look at why we chose to do the program. What benefit we found from learning from that environment.

What matters is knowing that we are making a difference to another family to change their situation. It’s so much bigger than my insecurities about how I look. 

So one of the things that I want you to know is that your purpose and the reason why you do things really fuels your momentum more than your fear does.

This program will be out to the public and it'll be online forevermore. And I know that we did a good thing. It was a great learning experience. I know that it's great to be out of your comfort zone. I know that it has benefited me emotionally by becoming friends with the people that I met on that program.

It's a program for good. It's aspirational and shows people that if they want to change their lives, they can, which is so aligned with my mission as a coach.

And so I was really proud to be part of it. And despite how I may feel, or have felt around my insecurities, around how I looked or how I came across,  my momentum and my reason for doing it was bigger. 

If you've ever got something in your life where you’re just racked with fear, judgment and you want to stay in your comfort zone, just look at the reason why. It’ll help.

If you make the reason bigger it will serve you. And if it does, you'll be pleased you did it. 

Let your purpose be your fuel! 



If this has resonated with you and you can see what I'm talking about, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. I know that this is something universally that lots of women have thoughts around and have an experience with. 


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