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👋🏼 Say Goodbye to Stress, Confusion, and Overwhelm!

Say HELLO to Gaining Back Control.

Hey you....I see you, fretting about the future. 

I get it! I remember what it's like to live hand to mouth. 

For there to be more month than money!

As a former single parent who felt sick every month trying to make ends meet, I KNOW how scary it is. 

This doesn't need to be your reality.

In fact, you know what?......this is an opportunity for YOU to rise my friend!  


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I'll give you the tools to:

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⚡️ Discover the number 1 Positive Psychology strategy that changes everything.

⚡️ Use new, energetic focus tools that are proven to work

⚡️ Gain excitement, confidence and belief around what's possible for YOU


👋🏼 Say Goodbye to Stress, Confusion, and Overwhelm!

"Fail to Plan - Plan to Fail"

How many times have we seen this old adage?

But here's the thing - the reason it's a cliche is because it's true! 


The worst mistake you can make at the start of the year is fail to plan!

Especially THIS year! 


With this in mind, I've bundled up my Intention Setting Workbook and my Scale Success and Sanity Workbook to get you ready to hack your own success!


I'll give you all the tools to:

⚡️ Set your own intentions

⚡️ Get clear on your goals

⚡️ Discover An Alternative Focus Tool That has Been Proven To Work

⚡️ Gain Excitement, Confidence and Belief Around What Is Possible For YOU


Build Your New Action Plan to Take Your Business Forward, Whatever's Thrown Your Way!

To give you some backstory...

I started my first limited company in the height of the Global recession of 2008, and guess what, despite the financial climate, it thrived.

There's also no coincidence that when the pandemic hit I quadrupled my business income and grew throughout

 I've realised that there are 3 key reasons why my businesses thrive in economic uncertainty. 

They are: 


⭐ Mindset


 Get your head in the game so come what may, you're driving forwards with positivity, possibility and unstoppable belief

🔥 Energy

If you don't feel good, you can't rise above the fear and attract success


💪 Action

When the world throws lemons, you MUST make lemonade, lemon drizzle cake or in my case a good G & T. Take consistent action daily in your business and leverage circumstances for your this case, let's get you clear on your move the needle activities and  committed to thriving. 


With this in mind, I've bundled together some of my best resources: 


➡️ My Intention Setting Workbook 

so you can get crystal clear on what you want and what you  need to do in your business, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.


➡️  My NEWLY UPDATED Daily Routine Success Kit 

So you can immerse yourself in the science of happiness (Positive Psychology) and create healthy game changing habits (this includes my new habits trackers, my spotify playlists AND my Daily routine guides, so you can thrive in your life and business come what may.


 ➡️ My Money Mindset & Affirmations Meditations 

so you can use these powerful subconscious state changing rituals to transform your relationship with money and release your fear and anxiety.  NB: I've had remarkable feedback from those who have listened to these daily for 30 days!


... I have your back! With the right support you CAN thrive during these times.





So Who’s behind the Success Bundle? 

I'm so glad you asked! I’m Andrea Callanan, and I’ve been one of the world’s leading voice, mindset and success coaches for the last two decades. 

My speciality? Helping high-flying female entrepreneurs transform their self-worth, find their voice and level up their business knowledge and skill so they can thrive in their businesses.  

Here’s the thing . . . As a musician-turned-entrepreneur, I have worn the T-Shirts (multiple), made the mistakes, got stuck and unstuck more times than I can even count. I've been in business for 20 years, I've been a coach facilitating people for 30 years this year, with over a decade as a business mentor. I've also been a leadership consultant in large brands for around 15 years and mindset coach for around 20 years, and look, the only reason I'm telling you this is so that you will trust me enough to know what I'm talking about, and the good news is that I'm willing to share just what changed it all for me......with you! 

Since starting my career in the music industry nearly 30 years ago, 
I’ve ...

  • Been recognised as one of Success Magazines top 125
  • Been featured in the international press alongside influencers such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez 
  • Been on National and international TV and radio
  • Shared the stage with the likes of Simon Sinek, Sara Blakely, and Niyc Pidgeon, among others 
  • Been named as a top 25 inspirational Welsh woman 
  • Won small business Guardian Leader of the year 
  • Snagged a spot as a Great British Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and an Insider Magazine Rising Star. 
  • And been recognised as one of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council members. 

I’m also co-author of the number one international Business Best Seller, “You Are Meant For More”, and curator and author of the business best seller, 'Step Aside & Rise'!

And while the accolades certainly jazz up my world, my FAVOURITE successes are the thousands of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with . . . who’ve benefited both financially and emotionally from honing the power of their authentic voice, creating their aligned businesses and stepping into the business and life they want........

The best part: I have absolute confidence in you to do the same.


My intention is for you to THRIVE, discover your CHOICE and cultivate more FREEDOM for yourself and your loved ones! Enjoy this business bundle resource, and don't forget to message me to let me know how you got on with it! 

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