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Throughout my own personal and professional development, I've realised that choice is the ultimate expression of freedom. 

My mission is to activate, ignite and empower millions of business leaders across the globe to raise their energetic vibration, voice and impact so they generate more happiness, fulfilment, meaning and true wealth in their lives, businesses and communities. 

As a former Forbes Coaches Council Member and a member of Success Magazine's 125, I'm one of the leading authorities in transformational voice and success coaching for business owners and leaders,  I have built a long track record of achievement for both myself and my clients which means you’re in good hands!


Over nearly 3 decades, I’ve helped tens of thousands start and grow successful businesses, become singers, speakers, leaders and find their self-worth.

Hailing from Barry in South Wales, I’m married to Matt and mother to two boys. I’m a singer by trade, and former Music Industry Voice Coach and Record Label owner. As a results driven Transformational Coach, I now speak, coach, and write internationally.

With my coaching and consultancy company, I activate high achieving business leaders and female entrepreneurs across the globe in transforming their lives, careers and businesses.  I help them find their voice, renew their energy, and create more time and money in their lives and careers.

For over a decade, I've been creating emotional and financial return with organisations developing culture, leaders and teams using innovative methods in the Workplace Happiness, Corporate Engagement and Senior Leadership Development space.  Brands include the Admiral Group, EE, BT, Sky, First Source Solutions, Woodies, the BBC, KFC, Deloitte, John Lewis, British Airways, Metrobank, Barclays, Amex, Dyson and GE to name a few.

My areas of expertise include:

Results Driven Fast Transformation

International Mindset Coach for CEO's and Business Leaders

Certified Positive Psychology Coach

Energetic Breakthrough Work & Trauma Informed Coaching

Aligned Business Growth & Strategy

Leadership Development

Visibility & Speaking Specialist

Return on Investment

Online Group Masterminds, Accelerators and bespoke VIP 121 coaching packages



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About Me

As a multi brand owner and  international results driven transformational coach and consultant, I support high-achieving business leaders and female entrepreneurs strategically with their mindset, aligned business growth, and speaking skills.

Some say I'm the catalyst to their live's changing with my triple threat of support. In my nearly 3 decades of empowering and facilitating others, I’ve : 

  • Been named one of the "World's most Influential Leaders" by Success Magazine and awarded a spot on their Success 125 list 
  • Been featured internationally in press alongside influencers such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez 
  • Shared the stage with the likes of Simon Sinek, Sara Blakely, and Niyc Pidgeon, among others
  • Been named as a Top 25 Inspirational Welsh Woman
  • And snagged a spot as a Great British Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, and an Insider Magazine Rising Star.

And I'm a:

  • Former Forbes Coaches Council member
  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach (PPCA) 
  • Small Business Guardian Leader of the Year
  • Twice time best selling Amazon business author of the number one international Business Best Seller, You Are Meant For More and Step Aside and Rise.

And while these accolades certainly jazz up my world, my FAVOURITE successes are the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders I’ve worked with... who’ve benefited both financially and emotionally from the transformational work we do together which co-creates FAST aligned success in their lives and businesses.

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Book by Andrea Callanan

Step Aside & Rise

Inspirational stories of female business owners who got out of their own way and stopped playing small in their lives and business.
Be inspired as you read how these women got out of their own way, and know that if they can do it, you can too.

Book by the Unstoppable Alumini

You Are Meant For More

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How I've helped others:

Rachel Harvey

"I've gone from struggling to face each day to feeling of excitement for all the opportunities I have in my personal life and my business. My relationship with my son has improved drastically and I can also see changes in him because of my new mindset. I have overhauled the way I think with a new growth mindset and limitless thinking."

Ella Biggs

"If you are looking to grow both your business and yourself, this is the course for you. The level of support you get is outstanding from both Andrea and her team and the other members on the course. I know for a fact that I wouldn't be where I am today without this course."

Sarah Winterflood

"right now I am coming up with sooo many ideas on helping others in a niche area and I feel so confident it is going to happen that I already feel so much abundance, integrity and alignment within me that I am now unstoppable! I couldn’t even fathom any niche that I could have a year ago!!!"